Top Business Group for Human Resources

Motivational Skills

Date Wednesday 29-08-2018 Category Soft Skills

Course Overview
Motivation is the reason behind people’s behavior and actions. A successful manager should know the definition of “motivation” and how to promote desired behaviors in favor of the undesired ones.
Desired actions driven by motivation should result in sincere appreciation or tangible rewards to help the employee aspire for more accomplishment, rather than viewing them as burdensome

Course Outline
  • Motivation Vs. Performance
  • Theories of motivation
  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs,
  • McClelland’s theory of achievement, power, and affiliation needs, and Herzberg’s two-fac tor theory of motivation is explained.
  • Financial incentives and motivation
  • Skinner’s Reinforcement Theory
  • Behavior Modification
  • Laffer Curver
  • Piecework system
  • Group incentive plans
  • Job enlargement
  • Job enrichment
  • The Pygmalion Effect
Learning Objectives
After completing this course, participants will be able to:
  • Explain the difference between reward and recognition
  • Identify current reward and recognition activities, whether formal or informal
  • Determine goals for reward and recognition that support company objectives
  • We should know how we can motivate our teams
  • We should know different type of motivation
  • At the end become good motivators
Who Should Attend
  • Sales Managers
  • HR
  • Operation Manager
Course Duration
Two days from 9:00AM to 3:00PM
Registration Deadline
One week before the course date
Course Fees
  • 1900 EGP (Registration is confirmed only upon payment)
  • Fees include materials and attendance certificate
  • Complimentary coffee breaks and light lunch
Course Venue
Top Business premises: 17, Abdel Wahab Selim Elbeshry St. Sheraton Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Payment should be made one week prior to course.
  • Payment by cheque in Top Business’s name or cash to our address.