Top Business Group for Human Resources


Ahmed Abd El Aziz
Employees & Labors Relations Manager - EDC

Definitely, you have been a great support to EDC along the past 10 years so it’s a well-deserved appreciation mail. I am writing to thank you for the quality of service provided by Top Business for more than 10 years of successful partnership. We sincerely appreciate your efficient, timely and high quality of service, the level of detail and accountability you have demonstrated on each project, and the way you conduct business as a whole. We are truly delighted by the level of commitment and professionalism you showed along the years.

Mohamed Hani
Head of Recruitment - EDC

Top Business Group is a long time outsourcing partner with EDC, TB work ethics and standards are always systematic, neat, and compatible with all our hiring and recruitment setups and plans, I strongly recommend TB Group as an outsourcing and recruitment partner. 
EDC account focal point is a master communicator which finds the solutions before the problem takes place and always offers solutions all the time.

Mohamed Fouad
Business Support Lead - FlSmidth

We really appreciate the quality of service provided by Top Business company. We also sincerely appreciate the efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability which is demonstrated on our work history, and the way of conduct whole business.
We appreciate your assistance very much and look forward to continuing our collaboration.

Tamer Shabayek
Senior Supervisor HR - Vodafone Egypt

Enough to say that Top Business is one of our strongest top rated partners with a very consistent performance for more than 10 years. I believe that the reason behind this success is the accountability and dedication that everyone is showing while doing his job and above all the amazing team spirit that you all have as Top Business employees. I would like to end my feedback with “Thank You” for being a partner that we can depend on while running our business.

Amal Mostafa
Director, People Management - UTI

It is really our pleasure to work with Top business, very professional company, highly skilled employees and swift respond to our requests. A real business partner that always works for our benefit

Asli Usten
Head of HR - Clariant

The only thing that I can say is “on time delivery” whatever the query/question is.

Hanaa Sabry
Strategic Business Partner - Coca Cola Atlantic

I have worked with Top Business for more than 14 years and had a wonderful business relationship during this period. TB staff members are experts in people management field. They provide expertise as well as advise on people issues such as employee relations, lawful sanctions, documents required by governmental entities such as social insurance, labor bureau …etc.

Hence, they are valuable partners in this respect. TB handling of payroll is excellent, they are prompt, accurate and provide thorough information in terms of deductibles.

TB has passed a difficult audit launched by The Coca-Cola Company to all its suppliers, called Supplier Guiding Principles, which is related to application of the Egyptian labor law and ensuring people rights are met and well adhered to as well as their responsibilities.

I recommend TB with high confidence in areas related to outsourcing and payroll management.

Emad Aziz
HR Manager - JTI

When you are looking for a responsible organization where the company is keen to maintain the rights and duties, you will find yourself in front of Top Business, In terms of commitment and social responsibility in accordance with laws that provide complete neutrality and a healthy business environment.

Hesham Aly
Sr. Representative Administration – Product Supply - Johnson Wax. Egypt

Passionate, Energetic, professional and high sense of urgency are the key success elements in dealing with Top Business team, I always had the edge over my peers because of having TB team supporting me.

Mahmoud AbdelWahed
Sales Senior Lead - Etisalat

Top business....You can rely on them.