Top Business Group for Human Resources

Human Resources Outsourcing

Outsourcing your Human Resources function can have several benefits not only does it lift a burden off your shoulders and let you focus more on other aspects of your business, but it can also mean more cost saving for you in addition to less risk.
The Human Resources outsourcing is a full cycle, it starts with us handling the employment procedures of your staff from contract signing, getting the required employment papers, dealing with the social insurance and medical insurance government authorities, handling the private medical and life insurance policies for your staff if needed, we handle the calculations of their salaries and the bank transfers that are involved. We also make sure that your employees files comply with the required legislations and handle the labor office inspections for you.
Fees for this service differ based on the number of employees that will be outsourced and the volume of their salaries. If you wish to know more please contact our office and we will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a quotation.
Yes, we deal with several insurance companies and we have different plans that suites different budgets.
Our company and its premises were audited in 2013 by Intertec Consumer Goods Egypt so you can rest assured that you have a partner that complies with the Egyptian labor legislations.
By outsourcing your Human Resources function to us we will be dealing with the social insurance offices and government authorities on your behalf. In addition to our powerful Human Resources software that ensures a smooth operation for you, our office is directly connected to the government social insurance authority through screen connected with a live online system that can provide instant information on any social insurance issue related to any of your employees.

Salary Administration

Salary administration and its calculations can be a very complicated process, not only do we make it less complicated for you by doing all the calculations but salary administration can also mean that you need to be aware and up-to-date with all that is new in Social Insurance Law, Income Tax Law and similar legislations which can prove to be a very time consuming process. Our team of specialists is aware and always up to date hence can ensure that your salary administration process complies with the needed legislations.
In the salary administration service our team will calculate the salaries for you according to the resent Social Insurance Law, Income Tax Law and similar legislations and delivers a salary sheet ready for you to just do the necessary payment for your employees. With our strong ties with a large network of banks in Egypt, our service can also include doing the bank transfers on your behalf.
Fees for this service differ based on the number of employees and the volume of their salaries. If you wish to know more please contact our office and we will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a quotation.

HR Consultations & Management Development

Brining in a consultant not only means that you have an expert on board but it can also mean that you have someone who can give you professional advice, provide you with a fresh perspective on things and also help you out with any challenges that you might have. Our team of expert Human Resources consultants has the knowhow you need when it comes to all the matters related to Human Resources.
We provide consultation in all matters related to Human Resources including but not limited to; Job analysis and job evaluation, creating Human Resources policy and procedures manuals, developing performance management processes, assessing the training needs and competencies, designing of organizational structure. We also provide outplacement services and consultations in the areas of Labor Law and Social Insurance law.

Conferences & Exhibitions Management

We provide this service on both the local and international level. Top Business Human Resources Consultants has organized and managed conferences and exhibitions in Egypt, Jordon and Bahrain.
We manage conferences and exhibitions from A to Z, starting with space renting, getting sponsors, getting keynote speakers, handling the marketing and advertising for the event, we also do all the arrangements related to delegates accommodation, flights, and transportation.


Recruiting in today’s market can be a challenging and time consuming process. Our team of specialized recruiters takes the time to study your requirements and search our vast database to give you a short list of the candidates that best suits your vacancy. Our interviewers can also help you out with the interviewing process in order to provide you with the best match for your vacancy. We save you time, cost and ensure the best results.
The Screening and Selection of potential candidates is done through four steps, Phone interview, Preliminary interview [Face to Face], Analysis interview with our professional interviewers and Psychometric Tests.
No, Top Business Operates locally and overseas.

Recent Job Vacancies

You can apply through the web site or you can send your CV at To see a list of our latest vacancies click here
Top Business provides its services locally and overseas to several multinational and big local companies.
We communicate with our clients through e-mailing; accordingly for any vacancy that matches your qualifications your CV will be sent as a soft copy.
Your CV is screened for any available vacancies, whenever we find a matching opportunity our recruitment specialists will give you a call to set a time for an interview.

Assessment Centers

Assessment Centers is a tool that measures the competencies of a person and whether he/she is fit to carry out a certain job. The assessment centers include a set of panel interviews, face to face interviews, exercises and tests that can give the employer a detailed idea about the competencies of a current/potential employee.
Assessment centers can have several benefits to your organization. For your current employees it can help you in their appraisal process, it can give you a better assessment of their training needs and it can also assist you in taking decisions related to promoting or transferring your staff members in other positions. For potential employees assessment centers can be your key of assurance that you are hiring the right person for the right job.
Through this service we provide Competency Based Interviews, Assessment Centers and Psychometric tests.
Yes our Assessors are certified from accredited international organizations including but not limited to SHL and the "Assessment & Development Center Consultants" in the UK.
Fees for this service differ based on your requirements. If you wish to know more please contact our office and we will be happy to take your requirements, answer your questions and provide you with a quotation.

Center Facilities

Yes our premises has a fully equipped training center.
Our center is fully equipped with the latest technology and the needed equipment. You can download a copy of our Center fact sheet here
Yes our training center and its equipment can be rented. We also provide catering service inside the center if needed.
We provide courses in the areas of Management, Human Resources, Quality, Operations, Soft Skills, Marketing, Sales, Logistics, Labor Law, Social Insurance Law, Salary Tax Law and other specialized topics.
Yes you can please click here to view a list of our recent training courses
No, our center is a smoke fee area and smoking is not allowed inside, however a special smoking outdoor area is available.

Tailored Training

Yes we can, our center offers tailored training courses for companies.
Tailored training has several benefits, we can build a training curriculum that meets your specific requirements and the challenges you face. In addition tailored training courses offer clients the luxury of tailoring the course timing, duration and location.
We provide courses in the areas of Management, Human Resources, Quality, Operations, Soft Skills, Marketing, Sales, Logistics, Labor Law, Social Insurance Law, Salary Tax Law and other specialized topics. If you need courses in other areas please contact our training specialists and we will be happy to help you.

Corporate Members

There is no membership fee associated with this program.
No, this is a corporate membership and is only available for companies.
As a member you will earn one point for each 10EGP you spend on any training course you take with us whether public or tailored. Points are added automatically to your account within 48hours of the payment date, provided that the payment is made within one month from the invoice delivery date.
Each point accumulated is equivalent to 1EGP to be deducted from your next invoice. To redeem your points all you have to do is send an official document/email to the training representative indicating how many points the company wants to redeem and the service in which the points will be redeem in.
Each point expires after one year from the date it was acquired in, to insure that you don’t lose your points we will send you a reminder email before the expiry date for the points by one month and give you possible options to spend those points.
Yes, upon registration into the program you will be given a username and password to access your online account and view the history of your membership. You will be able to see the courses you earned points in, how you redeemed your points, it will also show the points that have expired and the points that are about to expire.
As a company applying for the membership program, you will be required to provide a signed and stamped document stating the employee in the company who will be the authorized person to do any transactions on the membership account of the company.
The authorized employee will have the following authorities: sign on the membership form with the terms and conditions of the program, receive the membership card on behalf of the company, receive the username and password to the membership online software and redeem points earned by the company.
Yes, if you refer a new customer who did not do business with us before for the public or tailored training you will both get 100 points each after the payment of the first training invoice. (Only in the case that this client applies for a membership).