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Personnel Consultation

Our team of experienced consultants will guide your way through the complex and ever changing procedures of Social Insurance and Labor affairs

In the area of Social Insurance our consultants will review your current and new employees’ social insurance records to ensure its compliance with the Social Insurance Law and regulations.
Our consultants will review your financial status with the Social Insurance office, follow up with the monthly payment of Social Insurance premiums and assist you in preparing and reviewing various social insurance forms (form2, form6, etc….)

In the area of Labor affairs, our consultants will ensure your establishment complies with the latest procedures and regulations of the Labor Law by:

  • Reviewing existing employees’ files
  • Reviewing vacation balance for employees
  • Following up on the renewal of employment contracts
  • Monitoring the percentage of disabled employees
  • Creating all required personnel documentations and forms (vacation forms, overtime forms, employment offers, etc....)
  • Handling all employment procedures for new hired employees
  • Handling work permits and visa procedures for expatriates  
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