Top Business Group for Human Resources

Human Resources Outsourcing

Whatever is the size of your organization, or whether you have an in-house Human Resources Function or not; Human Resources outsourcing can be a cost effective alternative for your business. By outsourcing your Human Resources function not only does this insure a smooth operations but it can also mean less risk for you.

Top Business Human Resources Consultants (a subsidiary of Top Business Group) is one of the leading Human ResourcesOutsourcing companies, with more than 50 clients to which 5000 employees are outsourced each month. The outsourcing includes personnel administration, social insurance, labor disputes, payroll, government compliance and salary administration. It encompasses, as well, consultations within the areas of personnel and legal affairs.
In order to provide outsourcing clients with the highest quality of service, Top Business has a highly skilled Personnel Department, a Legal Affairs Department as well as Payroll Specialists.