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Human Resources Outsourcing

Yes, we deal with several insurance companies and we have different plans that suites different budgets.
Outsourcing your Human Resources function can have several benefits not only does it lift a burden off your shoulders and let you focus more on other aspects of your business, but it can also mean more cost saving for you in addition to less risk.
The Human Resources outsourcing is a full cycle, it starts with us handling the employment procedures of your staff from contract signing, getting the required employment papers, dealing with the social insurance and medical insurance government authorities, handling the private medical and life insurance policies for your staff if needed, we handle the calculations of their salaries and the bank transfers that are involved. We also make sure that your employees files comply with the required legislations and handle the labor office inspections for you.
Fees for this service differ based on the number of employees that will be outsourced and the volume of their salaries. If you wish to know more please contact our office and we will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a quotation.
Our company and its premises were audited in 2013 by Intertec Consumer Goods Egypt so you can rest assured that you have a partner that complies with the Egyptian labor legislations.
By outsourcing your Human Resources function to us we will be dealing with the social insurance offices and government authorities on your behalf. In addition to our powerful Human Resources software that ensures a smooth operation for you, our office is directly connected to the government social insurance authority through screen connected with a live online system that can provide instant information on any social insurance issue related to any of your employees.