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Bank Accountant

Category Accounting
Publish Date Tuesday 19-05-2020
Country Egypt
Gender any
Years Of Experience 3 - 5 Years
Salary Negotiable

A reputable company located in Obour City is hiring a Bank Accountant

Job Desription:
  • The main duty is to make the entries into ledgers and journals timely with accuracy.
  • It will be also the responsibility to keep a track record of cash inflow and outflow into and from the bank respectively
  • He or she has also to monitor the amount for the day to day transactions and should maintain the minimum balance of money required
  • He or she has to prepare the reports and records of cash Preparing reports of cash that flows in and out of the bank and present the reports to the management
  • He or she has also to prepare financial statements every month and when it will be needed.
  • It will be the duty to inform the management about the performance of the employees timely so prepare reports including the current month’s performance of the company with the previous months
  • He or she has to ensure about entries into the accounting books that if they are in accordance with bank rules
  • He or she has to prepare the final records as well so has to prepare balance sheets, trial balance with the final records at the end of the month
  • The candidate needs to have a thorough and deep knowledge about accounting procedures and the related sectors.
  • Should have exceptional analytical and observational skills to do the job and to ensure the accuracy in the work.
  • Needs to have extraordinary communication skills and should be a good communicator both verbally and written.
  • Should be able to solve the problems efficiently and quickly so should have good troubleshooting abilities.
  • Should have team working skills and should have the ability to work as a team while preparing reports an financial statements