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Salary Administration

Salary administration and its calculations can be a very complicated process, not only do we make it less complicated for you by doing all the calculations but salary administration can also mean that you need to be aware and up-to-date with all that is new in Social Insurance Law, Income Tax Law and similar legislations which can prove to be a very time consuming process. Our team of specialists is aware and always up to date hence can ensure that your salary administration process complies with the needed legislations.
In the salary administration service our team will calculate the salaries for you according to the resent Social Insurance Law, Income Tax Law and similar legislations and delivers a salary sheet ready for you to just do the necessary payment for your employees. With our strong ties with a large network of banks in Egypt, our service can also include doing the bank transfers on your behalf.
Fees for this service differ based on the number of employees and the volume of their salaries. If you wish to know more please contact our office and we will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a quotation.