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Management Skills

Date Wednesday 22-11-2023 Category Mgmt./ Leadership

Course Overview
Being a “great” manager cannot guarantee success these days – only by being the best of the best will you make an impact on your department, your company and your industry. In every organization all around the world you find people who are promoted to managerial positions because of their technical skills only. Without formal managerial training, organizations may suffer from the effects of trial and error approaches and many managerial misconceptions. Most importantly, bad management practices are repeated till they become habits and “company culture”. What makes the difference between “good” and “excellent”?
You may have been a manager for some time, but what makes you stand out from the rest? Find out your current personal style and what it means to you and your team. This training is trying to address these problems by exploring the fundamentals of management excellence.

Course Outline
  • Overview of Management:
    • What is Management?
    • What do managers really do in the organizations?
    • Principles of Management (according to Henri Fayol)
    • Do employees like to be managed?
    • Why some people want to be managers?
  • Overview of Excellence:
    • Why is good not enough?
    • What is excellence?
    • The search for excellence: case studies and role models.
    • Levels of Management:
      - First Line Management
      - Middle Management
      - Upper management
    • The different skills required at each level.
  • Key roles of Managers (Mintzberg’s Managerial Roles):
    • Interpersonal roles
    • Informational roles
    • Decisional roles
  • The Managerial Process Cycle
  • The Manager as a Planner (MAP)
  • The Manager as Organizer (MAO)
  • The Manager as a Leader (MAL)
  • The Manager as a Controller (MAC)
  • The Manager as a Coach, mentor and counselor
  • Excellence in Management through Managerial Models
  • Individual Plan of Action
Learning Objectives
After completing this course, participants will be able to:
  • Appreciate the basic role of managers in today’s modern organizations.
  • Understand the scientific background of the work of the manager.
  • Catch their direct reports doing something right.
  • Perform the basic functions of managers.
  • Plan and organize the organizational resources efficiently and effectively.
  • Lead their teams to greatness.
  • Control and follow-up the work of their direct reports for better achievement
  • Understand Managerial Excellence in all its aspects
  • Develop the Distinguished Personality traits and dispositions for Excellence
  • Create an Organizational Environment that allows and generates Excellence
Who Should Attend:
  • Managers, supervisors and team leaders
  • General Managers of SME (small to medium enterprises)
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Newly promoted managers or those aspiring to be managers
Course Duration
  • Two days from 9:00AM to 4:00PM
Registration Deadline
  • One week before the course date
Course Venue
  • Top Business premises: 17, Abdel Wahab Selim Elbeshry St. Sheraton Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.
Registration & Payment:
  • Course fees include material (Soft Copy), light lunch, coffee break and certificate.
  • Payment by cheque in Top Business’s name, cash to our address or by bank transfer.
  • Payment is due within 3 working days from course confirmation. Your registration is confirmed only after course payment
  • Payment is nonrefundable, however participant can be substituted or can attend next confirmed round of the same course or another course.