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Performance Management System

Date Tuesday 20-08-2019 Category Human Resources

Course Overview
Performance management is often a bureaucratic process which leaves most managers and employees uninspired and often generates conflict. Organizations need everyone to support strategy and guarantee deliverables in this ever-increasing competitive environment.
This course provides you with a workable, practical approach to performance management and performance appraisals, and takes into account the real world we all live in. You will learn how to conduct effective performance appraisals and integrate those into an integral part of the employee performance management.

Course Outline
  • Performance Management versus Performance Appraisal
    • Performance Management overview
    • Performance Management cycle and components
    • Where Performance Management fits into the bigger picture
  • Goal setting
    • Setting SMART performance objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • Developing action plans
    • Conducting the goal setting meeting
  • Coaching and support
    • Analyzing performance deficiencies
    • Guidelines for effective coaching
    • Ongoing support and quality feedback
  • Performance appraisal tools and techniques
    • Using different tools measuring “what we achieve?" And “how we achieve?"
    • Common errors during Performance Appraisals
    • Who should do the appraisal?
    • 360 appraisal
  • Appraisal interviews
    • Guidelines for preparing and conducting the appraisal interview (annual review meeting)
    • Developing strategies to help individuals realize their potential
    • Continuous improvement
  • Rewarding
    • Linking performance with financial incentives
    • Linking performance with career path (promotions)
Learning Objectives
In this course participants will learn how to design and implement successful Performance Management System, and how to link individual performance with the company strategic objectives, training & development, rewarding and career path.
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Differentiate between Performance Appraisal and Performance Management.
  • Develop team and individual goals and objectives that are aligned with corporate goals and business strategy.
  • Formulate action plans for each specific period that help employees achieve or exceed performance standards.
  • Find out how to coach their employees to improve productivity and overcome performance deficiencies.
  • Understand how to provide regular feedback on employees’ performance.
  • Use the proper Performance Appraisal form.
  • Prepare and conduct a proper Performance Appraisal interview.
  • Fairly reward each individual’s performance and administer positive reinforcement techniques to motivate employees.
Who Should Attend
Managers, Executives, Team Leaders and Supervisors who are responsible for managing the performance of their subordinates and those who are interested to join the HR career.
Course Duration
Three days from 9:00AM to 4:00PM
Registration Deadline
One week before the course date
Course Fees
  • 3150 EGP (Registration is confirmed only upon payment)
  • Fees include materials and attendance certificate
  • Complimentary coffee breaks, juices and light lunch
Course Venue
Top Business premises: 17, Abdel Wahab Selim Elbeshry St. Sheraton Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Payment should be made one week prior to course.
  • Payment by cheque in Top Business’s name or cash to our address.

Course Date
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